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In the video, Kane can be seen striking a tennis ball cleanly as Tottenham players try their hands at cricket. ‘You should try and get kicked around the edge of the box or in the box as much as possible. The statistic may highlight Klopp’s reticence to withdraw Andy Robertson from Liverpool’s attacking display as much as at the back, but as Scotland captain there will come a time when he will require a break from the relentless run of fixtures this season. The move was a complete hit – as he went on to score 21 times in his first season – becoming their top sharpshooter as they won a third straight title as well as the Italian Super Cup. No league title for Spurs since 1961.. No FA Cup since 1991. One League Cup in 20 years. No-one has scored more Premier League headers than Calvert-Lewin since the start of last term and his aerial threat has become a key part of his game. We lost the first game against Costa Rica in that tournament and the next day, everyone was down, as though it was the end of the world.

Last week they lost 1-0 against Denmark but for 65 minutes they held out and offered fleeting moments of quality. ‘I took us to the final of the Central American Games in Honduras in 1996. We were 1-0 up in the final against Costa Rica. His inexperience did show when his poor, overzealous performance against Southampton saw him receive a third red card shown to an Arsenal player in five games to exacerbate his side’s disciplinary issues. They also saw off qualifying competition from the US, who will not be at the World Cup for the first time since 1986. The American failure and Panama success surprised everybody, none more so than US broadcasters Fox Sports, who committed £283million to show the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Stempel saw plenty during his time at Millwall but, as well as a coach, he masquerades as a guardian and social worker for Panama’s young footballers.

‘The players have social problems. There is still lots of problems with drugs and violence. That pace offers something different and there is not an abundance of English goalscorers right now. But maybe super clubs are now so chock full of superstars that the window of opportunity for teen prodigies grows ever smaller? Which teams are taking part this year? The total drug confiscations exceeded the annual record of 72 tonnes claimed by the security services the year before. Little by little, the security situation is improving in Panama. Panama is the hub of the Americas and the hub of the traffic routes out of Colombia towards the USA. In Richard M Koster’s book ‘Time of the Tyrants’, he revealed that Noriega provided Cuban secrets to the USA at the same time as selling Panamanian passports to Fidel Castro to be used by Cuban secret agents and Soviet bloc nations. ‘We won the Nations Cup in 2009 and he scored the winning penalty for me. There is an assuredness in possession and an ability to sniff out danger from the centre-back and throw his body on the line, and he scored the Gunners’ first Premier League goal of the season.

A transfer that no doubt raised some eyebrows among the fans, free agent Hart was the man chosen to play back-up to Hugo Lloris this season. Midfielder Amilcar Henriquez was a crucial midfield component in the World Cup campaign and had played in the previous four qualifying games before heading out with friends in April 2017. As he walked down the street in the perilous suburb of Colon, a man stepped out of an unmarked vehicle and shot him to the ground. As stated exclusively for Sportsmail by Fabio Capello, the two coaches are very similar for their ability to motivate the group of players available and for their ability to tactically read the games in an exemplary way. For Russia, Panama will be aided by the £1.1m that every World Cup nation receives to fund their preparation – in addition to the £5.6m Panama will collect even if they fall at the group stages. But he looked less than convincing in the defeat by Denmark, even if the only goal he conceded was a spot-kick, one of which he also let in against Belgium. Kane’s goal marked yet another defensive blunder by Zinedine Zidane’s men, still smarting from their 7-3 humiliation by city rivals Atletico in New Jersey at the weekend.

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